KAMINS ISLAND: Reflections of a Queer, Feminine Utopia

An Installation by Leila Khoury

December 18 • January 15, 2015


Absolute Luxury and Radical Nurture are the laws of the Island that an all-female family calls home. 

The lovers of the Island are currently cracking open their second bottle of champagne in the stone jacuzzi that flows continuously into an LED-illuminated swimming pool. Beyoncé can be heard in her finest quality through the property-wide sound system.

The lovers are in their early twenties and share a depth and magnitude of devotion for one another that many people may never experience in their lifetime. 

Under the mentorship of their Matriarch, a fiercely beautiful and wildly successful porn industry CEO, the lovers hand crafted and relish in their world of choice: KAMINS ISLAND.