A body of sculpture by Leila Khoury

August 21 • September 18, 2015


Since the inception of the Syrian Civil War, an ongoing conflict in the country of my family's origin, I have been absorbed in and strongly affected by the ideas of grief and collective memory.

This particular conflict, despite the specificities of its facets, has prompted me to explore universal experiences of exile.  The partition of self and homeland not only entails the confrontation of an entirely new reality, but the mourning of a land that will inevitably transform and deteriorate in the absence of the individual who has fled.

Through sculpture and installation, I create imagined landscapes that resemble the experience of grieving the loss of one's land.  An individual who walks through these landscapes are among architectural structures that vaguely resemble places of worship, featureless human forms that appear to be fossilized with time, and floating concrete walls that bear a crude resemblance to ancient ruin.  While it may have once thrived with life, all that remains of the land is the weight of its overwhelming vacancy and the receding memory if its image.