A Print-Based Installation by Mike Lombardy

March 18 • April 15, 2016


Our Truths are a limit to our reality.

When our truths are constructed worldviews passed through a linear progression of time, information changes, what once was knowledge becomes myth, and what guides the evolution of society is a constant push and pull between knowing and unknowing. Growth is then determined by how we respond to events, ideas, or facts that flip our worldview on its head, showing us the fragility of the reality we've constructed.  We find comfort in knowing, and our Dominant Culture has played a major role in the filtering of our knowledge through the silencing of any form that questions the path it has laid out for us.  As the global network increases, we are continuously faced with information that challenges our reality.  More forms of knowledge are made accessible, and with this our questions of History seem to grow larger.

This search for truth drives us, but the more we reveal, the more we find has been concealed, and the unknown presents itself as a powerful tool for access of a kairotic, culture shifting moment.